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Rustic Cabin Plans:
Rustic Cabin Plans is a side project from the Mark Weirich Architect studio. Mark would like to offer you the opportunity to live, entertain and relax in intimate and cozy yet open and inviting spaces found in his designs. All designs found on this site were thoughtfully created by a licensed design professional and are guaranteed to satisfy the outdoorsman (and woman) in you. Your contractor will find the plans to be very buildable, well thought out and sensible. Please visit the portfolio at for vignettes of Mark’s completed projects.

Construction Documents:

You will receive plan sets far superior in quality and quantity to other “plan book” type outlets. Mark will provide construction document sets similar to those drawn for his custom home clients. While the RCP stock plan sets are similar in content to the custom sets you can expect to pay many thousands of dollars less for them, making the purchase of any of the RCP sets a great value. Here is a list of drawings found in the Construction Documents for all of the Rustic Cabin Plan designs:

  • Floor Plans of every level; fully dimensioned, noted, all windows and doors tagged for scheduling, furnishing suggestions

  • Structural Plans; structural layout plans will be provided, including all structural members tagged and scheduled for sizing. Due to the fact that every building site through out the world is different (wind, snow, seismic, etc. loads) specific footing, stem wall, beam, post, joist and rafter sizes will not be included, as well as shear walls and foundation hold-downs. Each set will include a foundation, floor framing (for each level) and roof framing plans

  • Exterior Elevations of all sides; all materials noted, all windows and doors tagged for scheduling, all architectural details called out

  • Building Sections; every section drawn to create the form of the building (minimum of two), determine stairs, header heights, etc. will be included in the set. Elevation heights of all building elements will be noted.

  • Window and Door Schedule; schedules will be provided with nominal sizes (not specific to any brand) to acquire estimates from several providers.

  • Architectural Details; any details important to the design or specific construction methods will be included

  • Electrical Plans; suggestions of lighting, switching, communications and outlet layouts are included. A blank electrical schedule is included.

Changes / Customization:

Mark Weirich Architect, Inc.
will be glad to work with you to modify any of designs to better suit the needs of yourself, friends and family. All work will be completed by the Architect at the current MWA, Inc. rate (currently $85.00/hour). You will find Mark works efficiently and your dream cabin will quickly be defined.

Retail Sales:
1) Contractor Plan Set $995.00

Includes (5) full sets of documents
For Construction (one time)   

2) Owner Plan Set $695.00
Includes (1) full set of documents 
For Construction (one time)

3) Study Set $150.00
Includes (1) partial set
Floor Plans, Elevations
Not For Construction

4) CAD Set $1195.00
Digital CAD set for Owner to make changes rather than MWA,Inc.
For Construction (one time)


Mark Weirich Architect, Inc.
and are responsible to provide the buyer with an architectural design and accurate documents. The owner/contractor should work with competent professionals in their area to finalize the structural plans considering all of the influences found at the immediate building location.

Multiple Builds:

An owner and / or builder may build the same design multiple times, they must pay for the privilege to do so. All pricing is for a buyer to build the structure with the plans provided one time only.

Mark Weirich Architect, Inc.
will work with you to arrive at a fair dollar amount, if you choose to construct the project multiple times.